Wordplay relies on unusual business model and expands the team

The agency Wortspiel, which specialises in Google AdWords, is testing new forms of cooperation and is pleased about the strong growth of its team. Stefan Vetter, founder and owner of the agency, presents the new, success-based business model.


The Swiss agency landscape is in upheaval. Classic full-service agencies are facing growing competition from smaller, agile and highly specialised competitors. Stefan Vetter sees this as an opportunity. The visionary sets a unique direction with his unusual, success-based agency model - and with success: since its founding, Wortspiel has posted steadily rising sales. "I believe that agencies of the future should try out new forms of collaboration both with clients and within the team," says Vetter. "Very well received in the market is our business model, where our fee depends on concrete goals that we agree with our clients. The greater their success, the more we earn." Conversely, this means that if the agency delivers less than it promised, it earns nothing. "I don't know of any agency in the German-speaking world that consistently implements this model and takes full risks itself," adds Vetter.

Stefan Vetter

Contract-free and location-independent collaboration

Vetter is also breaking new ground in terms of collaboration within the team. "I believe that a successful collaboration does not depend on contracts between my team and me, but on whether we have common goals and values". His partners, who now number seven, share Vetter's vision: "I'm happy to be part of this team - precisely because we don't have to gag ourselves with contracts and at the same time we are and remain independent entrepreneurs," emphasizes Aurel Gergey, Senior AdWords Consultant and copywriter at Wortspiel. The fact that at Wortspiel a collaboration without contracts has demonstrably worked extremely well for 19 months is not the only thing that makes the Zurich agency so exceptional: "We also work remotely," adds Vetter with enthusiasm. In practice, this means: "Each of us punters works in the place where we are happiest and most productive," says Vetter. With today's technology, he says, it's no longer necessary in the agency business to be tied to a specific location.

New in the team: Jeannette Scherrer, Mario Thomsen and Toni Ricciardelli

Since the beginning of 2016, three new team members have already joined Wortspiel. These include Mario Thomsen, one of the top ten contributors to the official German-language AdWordsCommunity, and Toni Ricciardelli, Senior Consultant for Facebook Ads. The first woman on the team is Jeannette Scherrer. The business communicator is an experienced agency project manager and lecturer for search engine marketing at the Klubschule Migros.

Mario Thomsen

Toni Ricciardelli

Jeannette Scherrer

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