Wirz Corporate accompanies the Berne Declaration in its name change

The Berne Declaration (EvB) is changing its name to "Public Eye" this fall. Wirz Corporate has accompanied the organization, founded in 1968, in this process since March 2015.


In a first step, the various requirements and prerequisites for profiling and sharpening the brand were worked out together in the course of several workshops. In a second step, Wirz Corporate supported EvB with the positioning of the organization, the re-naming to "Public Eye" and the development of the new brand identity. In addition to the logo, the most important instruments and media were also implemented in the new corporate design and defined in a comprehensive brand manual.

The Berne Declaration (EvB), now Public Eye, was founded in Gwatt in 1968. Since then, it has been working in Switzerland for fairer relations between industrialized and developing countries. The EvB / Public Eye is supported by over 25,000 members nationwide and is financed largely by membership fees and donations.

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