Erdmannpeisker: Rebranding for Swiss TXT implemented

The Biel-based agency Erdmannpeisker has repositioned Swiss TXT as a "digital navigator".


As a result of the digital transformation, many companies are facing major challenges not only with their products and services, but also with their entire business model. They are overwhelmed with the new possibilities and requirements, because the familiar coordinates are shifting at high speed. Swiss TXT is an experienced and well-connected competence center in this digital shift. As an inspiring partner and trailblazer, it helps to identify opportunities, realize innovative ideas and thus sustainably assert itself in the digital world.

However, the previous appearance could not keep this promise. In a first step, Erdmannpeisker therefore positioned Swiss TXT as a "Digital Navigator". It offers orientation and security in the digital transformation, develops new offers of high benefit together with customers and implements digital products and services for all media and channels. In a second phase, a new appearance was created that visually stages the innovative and future-oriented promise of Swiss TXT. The name and claim were adopted, the logo was slightly revised visually and implemented as a moving brand. The entire corporate design was consistently developed in motion design in order to meet the demands of the moving image in a modern visual language. The reduced flat design directs the focus on the content and the function.

Swiss TXT speaks to an exclusive B2B target group that wants efficient communication. Therefore, the focus is on a few media and channels in which precise and inspiring films play the main role. The website at offers a dual access to the topics: on the one hand, the topics can be accessed quickly via the navigation, on the other hand, we show the core competencies in inspiring films and cases.

Responsible at Swiss TXT: Julien Kurt (Head of Communication & PR). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (overall responsibility), Patrick Fawer (AD), Rainer Neusius (consulting).

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