Seed: New image film for Pax

Seed has realized the new Pax image film in cooperation with Ramstein Ehinger Associates.


Pax gets to the heart of pension provision. Close to the customer, easy to understand and reduced to the essentials. This is exactly how Pax communicates with its new image film. The new image film is based on the independent visual language that Pax has been using since the launch of its new brand identity in 2014. Short and sweet and with a wink, a presenter gets to the heart of Pax. The film is used for presentations, events and online.

Responsible at Pax: Nicolas Bopp (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Ramstein Ehinger Associates: Ralph P.B. Ehinger (CD), Christian Theiler (AD). Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communications: Felix Courvoisier (producer), Mats Frey (script, direction), Jan Mettler (camera), editing (Cécile Welter), Jingle Jungle (music, sound design & mixing), Bettina Frymerman (production management).


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