Wirz Corporate: New appearance for the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

Wirz Corporate has further developed the brand of the historic Basel hotel Les Trois Rois.

Basel's Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois combines the esprit and offer of a modern, sophisticated city hotel with an architecturally historically significant house and 300 years of tradition. Wirz Corporate has placed this unique, exciting combination at the centre of the hotel brand's further development. The result is a new appearance for the "Hotel of the Year" (Sonntagszeitung Rating 2016), which clearly stands out from the usual image of the upscale hotel class.


The new brand claim sums up the special experience at the five-star superior hotel: "Rich in history, young at heart. The combination of old tradition and young esprit runs through the appearance as a guiding idea: It is reflected, for example, in the high-contrast interplay of the historic rooms and interiors with the reduced, modern graphic style of the brand design, in the unusual and striking color combinations or in the surprisingly staged portraits of the employees in the traditional hotel rooms.
In addition to the strategic-conceptual foundations for revitalizing the brand presence, Wirz Corporate has designed and implemented numerous communication tools and media. These include among others the Website, hotel and seasonal brochures, marketing materials, apparel, stationery and various giveaways.

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