Scholz & Friends: Giving Swiss Football Team a Leg Up with Digital Radio

Scholz & Friends has developed a promotion for the European Football Championship for digital radio marketer MCDT.

You know them from the big football stadiums of the world: the chants of the fans when they cheer on or celebrate their team. Which football fan doesn't like to sing loudly about their team? And which football fan wouldn't like to be the creator of a legendary fan song? This is exactly where the promotion developed by Scholz & Friends for digital radio marketer MCDT comes in. The Swiss national team can use all the support it can get for a successful participation in the European Championship. That's why digital radio offers fans the opportunity to support the national team personally. On the platform you can write a message of greeting to our European Championship team and win the ultimate vehicle for die-hard Swiss national team fans: The seven-seater DAB+ Fan Van. But so that you don't just support the Swiss national team on the street, the best fan greetings will be sung loudly by a choir of hardcore fans in the studio and spread via radio stations and FB posts.


On the campaign website, you can also listen to all SRF stations and private radio stations and experience the variety of devices and programs on current DAB+ radios.The promotional website went live on May 10. It is advertised via banners, FB posts, TV reminders, radio and at the POS of DAB+ partners Ford and Melectronics.


Responsible at MCDT: Ernst Werder (Managing Partner), Thomas Schnorf (Key Account Manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Manuela Miksa, Wim Lanz, Franziska Pennington, Christian Vosshagen, Thomas Müller, Lukas Frei (creation) Britta Wild, Romea Lork, Tobias Baumann, Mathias Rösch, Martin Samsel, Tobias Händler (strategy and consulting).

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