Scholz & Friends: Boredom can end stupidly

Scholz & Friends dramatizes for UPC Cablecom what can happen if you don't have fast Internet.

Nobody likes to wait. Especially not for slow Internet. You quickly get bored and annoyed. And you get stupid ideas. This is exactly the insight that Scholz & Friends Zurich shows in a pointed TV spot for UPC Cablecom. And of course also that with the high-speed Internet from upc cablecom, boredom is guaranteed to never arise. The TV spot will be on air from 9.5.16 and will be accompanied by mega posters, online, on the radio and at the POS.

Responsible at UPC Cablecom: Ivo Hoevel (Chief Marketing & Products Officer Switzerland/Austria), Marcus Kikisch (Director Marketing Communication & Brand Management), Laura Lippuner Ballestrin (Manager Marketing Communication). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Christian Vosshagen, Roger Dobmann, Wim Lanz, Lukas Frei (creation); Petra Moser, Michèle Gutmann, Tobias Baumann, Tobias Händler, Martin Samsel (consulting and strategy). Responsible at Manifesto Films: Reto Salimbeni (Director), Shannon Mildon (Producer), Charlotte Hottinger (Client Services), Tabea Bühlmann (Edit), Andy Weimer (Post-Production Supervisor). Photography: Michael Munique.

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