Leo Burnett Switzerland: Even more furniture and accessories to enjoy

In the new Micasa spots by Leo Burnett, too, furniture and accessories become a matter of the heart: once you have them, you can't part with them.

Whether on a visit, in the sauna or at the airport - Micasa's facilities come along everywhere. The broad-based campaign can be seen on- and offline in various media.

Responsible at MGB / Micasa: Roman Reichelt (Head of Marketing Communications MGB), Christoph Vogler (Head of Communications Specialist Stores), Lukas Vasvary (Head of Communications Micasa), Carine Bernet, Lea Gerber (Project Management Communications Micasa), Michel Keller (Division Manager Micasa); Philipp Marquard (Head of Media MGB), Valeria Marra (Project Management Media); responsible at OMD: Daniel Crespo (Media). Responsible at Leo Burnett: Anna Leudolph, Barbara Hartmann (creative), David Fischer (CD); Martin Stulz (ECD); Michael Gassler, Aline Litchenhaus (consulting); Erasmo Palomba (FFF); Natalija Pocuca (styling); Who's McQueen Picture (film production), Greg Bray (director), Tobias Dengler (DoP).

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