JvM/Limmat: TCS is much more than a breakdown service

Around 1.5 million members make TCS the largest mobility club in Switzerland. Jung von Matt/Limmat presents the numerous advantages of the club in a campaign.

However, many of these members, and especially non-members, are often unaware that they do not only benefit from the TCS breakdown service. In addition to benefits relating to your own car, there are countless other club benefits in Switzerland and around the world. Club members also benefit from attractive mobility-related products and offers.

By demonstrating the breadth of these benefits, the club becomes relevant for other target groups in addition to motorists: At the start of the campaign, there will be an explicit focus on ETI travel protection, cyclists and families during the summer and travel season. Communication will take place via posters, advertisements, online videos and performance-oriented online marketing measures, all of which will lead to the newly created microsites.


These are used to acquire club members and generate ETI contracts, as well as to confirm the choice of existing members. In the course of the year, further subjects and microsites on other products and club benefits will appear.

Responsible at TCS: Dierk Schehrer (Marketing Manager Club); Audrey Isaak (Marketing Manager Club); Carolin Jünger (Marketing Manager Club). Responsible at Jung von Matt: Rob Hartmann, Johannes Raggio (Creative Direction); Florian Molinari, Kurt Bösiger (Art Direction); Samuel Wicki (Text) ; Nathalie Brogli (Graphics); Thomas Steiner, Vanessa Zwinselman, Doerte Dahm (Consulting); Deborah Herzig (Art Buying); Evelyn Schneider (FFF Production); Pepe Kägi (Production); Bettina Beyeler (DTP). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Impact: Dominik Habermacher, Benjamin Herz (Managing Partner). External partners: Clemens Petersson/ Aminta Iseppi, Who's Mcqueen Picture (film production) Ales Loborex, Bas Productions (service production); Rolf Hellat (direction) ; Jan Mettler (DoP); Wolfgang Weigl (editing) ; Manuel Gerber, Tonschliff (sound design/sound mixing); Danielle Stutz, DS Photographers (photo production); Oliver Nanzig (photography) ; Rohner Retouche (image editing); Stefan Bruckmaier, Netzeffekt (landing pages).

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