New Egon for excellent performance

When the 2016 Werbewoche Advertiser of the Year is named on May 27 at the Musée Olympique in Lausanne, the winner will not only enjoy the title, which has been recognized for almost 40 years, and an award speech by laudator Curdin Janett, but also the first new Egon.


Egon is the Oscar of the Swiss advertising and communications industry. The little man with the megaphone head was designed by Zurich artist Max Grüter and takes a wink at the "big mouth" that advertisers are said to have. Max Grüter has now "imprinted" the Werbewoche W on the sculpture. In 2016, as in the past, Egon is a reminder of the outstanding achievements in the advertising industry that have been honored by Werbewoche since 1977.

The high-caliber jury of the 2016 Werbewoche Advertiser of the Year, made up of 14 industry professionals, and Werbewoche subscribers have already nominated their candidates for the title. The three most frequently nominated will be chosen for the 2016 Werbewoche Advertiser of the Year. We will present the three candidates to you in the next issue of Werbewoche and simultaneously on Then you, our readers and subscribers, will be able to vote for who will be the Werbewoche Advertiser of the Year 2016 and the first to call the new Werbewoche Egon their own.

Anne-Friederike Heinrich



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