Scholz & Friends promotes innovative pants

Following the launch of the international umbrella campaign, Charles Vögele and Scholz & Friends are now opening a new chapter in product communication with the launch of "Flexibelle".

"Flexibelle" is the first in a series of products to be talked about: stretch trousers that are not only fashionable, but also problem (zone) solvers thanks to their shaping qualities. The "Flexibelle" communication continues the umbrella campaign on a product-specific basis: The "Flexibelle" protagonist shown experiences her very special Charles Vögele moment by remaining flexible in her mind - and therefore also reaching her destination in unusual ways. The idea is implemented using moving images in the form of TV commercials, TV sponsorship, online video banners and advertisements/posters. The campaign will be shown in Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.


Responsible at Charles Vögele: Meinrad Fleischmann (Marketing Director, a.i), Marco Wermelinger (Head of Marketing Campaigning), Patrizia Vetter (Head of Marketing Lead Medium). Responsible at Scholz & Friends: Sandra Bock, Robert Auer, Frank Lauppe (creation), Melanie Krogmann, Merle Gregor (consulting). Art Buying: inhouse Charles Vögele & Markenfilm. Film production: Markenfilm, Zurich (directed by Manuel Werner). Photographer: Thomas Kettner

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