VBZ Trafficmedia presents advertising effectiveness study

Using a new study approach, VBZ Trafficmedia investigated the effect of advertising on and in streetcars and buses. For this purpose, an unknown beverage was advertised only on the Zurich public transport system.

Over the past few years, VBZ Trafficmedia has conducted several surveys of passengers and passers-by to determine the impact of selected advertising campaigns. However, the positive results could never be clearly attributed only to advertising on streetcars and buses, according to a statement. Therefore, a new study was conducted to find out what triggers a campaign on the Zurich public transport system (VBZ) uninfluenced by other advertising impressions. The study was implemented with Yocoto, a new, previously completely unknown beverage.


Yotoco entered the market in summer 2015. The launch campaign with a media value of 74'000 Swiss francs was run exclusively on VBZ for eight weeks. Streetcar and bus, exterior and interior surfaces were taken into account. At the same time, tastings were held at points of sale. Following the campaign, the market research institute Demoscope conducted a street survey. In addition, Yotoco evaluated the success of the tastings and the further impact of the campaign.

The most important findings

- 14 percent of respondents recalled the previously unknown product Yotoco with support. Among the young target group (15 to 24 years), it was 17 percent

- 17 percent of survey participants confirmed having seen advertising for Yotoco. Among the young target group (15 to 24 years), as many as 22 percent remembered seeing at least one advertisement.

- More than 4,200 bottles were handed out at eight tastings. Most visitors mentioned having become aware of it through the streetcar and bus campaign.
- The number of visitors to Yotoco's website increased significantly by up to 140 percent during the campaign period.

- Retailers contacted Yotoco about adding the beverage to their product line.

- Media contacted Yotoco with interview requests.

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