Meta Design sharpens Valiant's brand presence

Meta Design has revamped Valiant's brand identity. The new look is intended to express simplicity in a new way.

Valiant is a Swiss bank with a clear focus on SME and retail business. In the course of strategy development as well as increasing digitalization, the question arose as to the future direction.

In close cooperation with the management and the board of directors, Meta Design revised the brand positioning. It focuses on Valiant making life easy for its clients in all financial matters. This includes a clear offering, uncomplicated solutions and clear processes. And excellent personal service. With the goal of living simplicity for its customers.


The concept is expressed in the revised brand identity: A logo with consistent lowercase letters replaces the previous, sometimes unwieldy word mark. It appears friendly and accessible - not least on digital platforms. The tried-and-tested corporate color purple is complemented by large white areas. Compressed verbal messages and simple language underscore the brand's aspirations.


Over the next weeks and months, the new appearance will be introduced step by step at employee events, in campaigns, on the web and via other applications.


Stephan Michel, head of marketing and corporate communications at Valiant: "We are building on our strengths: simplicity and customer proximity. We were able to fully rely on Meta Design for everything - strategic positioning, creative concepts, visual identity and copywriting expertise. The team challenged and accompanied us at the same time. We are very pleased with the result and are proud to present ourselves to the market in this way.


Alexander Haldemann, CEO Meta Design: "Valiant is resolutely pursuing its chosen path. The company is thus creating a unique position for itself in the Swiss market. That is impressive. We are convinced that the new appearance is the right step into the future."

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