Studio Schoch creates the brand Twin by Delizio

In collaboration with Delica, Studio Schoch develops the Twin by Delizio brand. It is a closed coffee system for fine coffee and the finest mixed milk drinks.

The Twin capsules are now available in Migros and can be obtained both from the Twin machine and with their Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine. Thanks to a special technology, Twin capsules as well as Delizio capsules can be prepared in the Twin machine. Twin is launched under the Delizio brand, which Studio Schoch has been managing since 2012. The brand design looks cheerful and dynamic and is reminiscent of Delizio in its structure. The design is intended to reflect the modularity of the brand and underline the expertise of Delica.


Responsible at Studio Schoch: Dominik Schoch (Creative Director), Dominique Ghilardi (Design), Tina Fuchs (Consulting).

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