Jung von Matt/Limmat: Gentle tones for mild cheese

A new spot by Jung von Matt/Limmat shows the incredible story behind the particularly mild taste of Luzerner Rahmkäse.

An idyllic commercial was created for Emmi's Lucerne cream cheese, starring Toni Camenzind, a dairy farmer from Weggis. He was supported by two colleagues from the region who made their farms available for the filming. Thus, not only the cheese, but also his commercial comes directly from Lucerne.

Jung von Matt/Limmat's first work for Emmi tells the story of two parents who explain to their children at the breakfast table the reason for the mild taste of the cheese. It is not the extra portion of cream added during production, but the Lucerne farmers themselves who have a hand in it. They would wake their cows particularly gently early in the morning so that they would give extra mild milk. But the children also notice: a story that is almost too mild to be true. But the main thing is that it tastes good.

Responsible at Emmi: Robin Barraclough (Chief Marketing Officer) Thomas Heller (Head of Marketing Switzerland); Veronica Hilti (Group Brand Manager Cheese); Kristina Mennemann (Brand Manager Cheese). Responsible at Jung von Matt: Rob Hartmann (Creative Direction) Florian Molinari (Art Direction) Stefan Ganz (Text); Nathalie Brogli (Graphics); Thomas Steiner, Andrea Walker (Consulting); Stefan Näf (Strategy); Sarida Bossoni, Julia Kallmeyer (FFF Production). External partners: Michèle Seligmann, Rhea Mandanis; Onfilm (film production) Laurentius Emmelmann (director); Pascal Walder (camera); Jingle Jungle (sound studio).

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