Meta Design repositions the Hogrefe brand

Meta Design has developed a new brand identity for the Hofgrefe publishing group. The appearance stages the strengths of Hogrefe and supports the merger with the publishing house Hans Huber.

The Hogrefe publishing group is a scientific publisher with 250 employees, focusing on psychology. The new brand positioning with the brand core "Shaping knowledge" formulates the central promise of the Hogrefe brand. The new visual identity stages the attitude formulated in the positioning. It strengthens the emotionality of the brand and builds a bridge to its scientific character. The new logo embodies in concentrated form what the Hogrefe brand stands for. A design element defined as a continuum promotes the independence of the appearance. It symbolizes the process of collaboration and the role of the publishing house as a creative mediator between authors and users. It runs like a thread through the entire brand design. The new imagery creates a sense of closeness and places people at the center - as personalities in the scientific engagement with content, in the further development, communication and design of knowledge. A new brand story, a brand tonality and a message system complete the differentiating appearance and also ensure a high level of recognition in terms of language.

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