Partner says thank you and goodbye orange

To replace the Orange brand in Israel, Meta Design Zurich and an international team of experts worked with the client to develop the new Partner brand: an agile brand for connected digital life.

Liberalization in the Israeli telecommunications market has led to fiercer competition and a sharp drop in prices in recent years. Partner is responding to this with a new strategy and a new brand. The brand follows the company's strategy of being the first choice in the market for today's and tomorrow's connected life needs. The fusion of fixed network, mobile telephony, Internet, content and increasingly also devices (Internet of Things) serves as the starting point for the new mission: "Making the connected life as accessible as air and water." A claim that is intended to guide both customers and employees into the future.

Meta Design translates the brand strategy into a flexible identity that addresses all senses. At the core are stories from everyday life, based on individual moments and their connection through the Partner brand. The new logo is based on the specially developed Partner font. The logo is at the core of the communication, using "connectors" from the letters P and t to connect people, moments and technologies through images and messages. The highly reduced black and white design system is complemented by the accent color aqua and a new imagery.


This provides everyday and authentic insights into the life of Israel's multicultural and cosmopolitan population. An emotional brand story, the brand tonality and a message system complete the appearance and also ensure a high level of recognition verbally. For the launch on February 17, Meta Design implemented the brand at all touchpoints. The headquarters near Tel Aviv received a complete rebranding for the launch date. All points of sale were also converted within a week. The first wave of launch communications focused on the message: "Goodbye and thank you Orange - Hello Partner" by means of a social media campaign and billboards placed nationwide. A second emotional follow-up campaign with Israeli musician and superstar Ivry Lider and London celebrity chef Assaf Granit uses the high level of attention to anchor the brand in the public and among target groups.


Isaac Benbenisti, CEO Partner Communications: "Meta Design impressed us with its sound strategic expertise and inspiring creation. In an efficient process, we realized highly professional results in the shortest possible time. The new appearance is unique and paves our way to a successful future." Benjamin Gilgen, Managing Director Meta Design: "Accompanying an international brand like Partner at its launch is a gripping task. To develop the complete launch with all facets and to realize it in such a short time was a great challenge. We developed an agile brand with a flexible identity that equips Partner for the digital age."

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