E-Commerce Trend January 2016

At the start of the new year, the advertising print of the e-commerce advertising market was 48.1 million Swiss francs. This is naturally significantly below the level of the previous month (58.2 million).

The share of the total advertising market increased from 11.4 to 12.7 percent compared to December 2015.


Travel on the catch-up chase

At 11.3 million, the Travel category reported the highest advertising print in January, replacing Trivago as the top brand in this category. Compared to the previous month (5.2 million in December), Travel more than doubled its advertising print. It thus displaces the Search & Find category in second place, which has an advertising print of 4.9 million. In third place is the Clothing & Accessories category with an advertising print of 4.5 million, naturally with Zalando as the top brand.


Out-of-Home Appears in a New Dress

Compared to the previous month, less was spent on Search (-7%) and Display (-4%) in the first month of the new year. The Print media group recorded an increase of 5 percent in January. The TV media group increased (+9%), while online advertising accounted for a total of 45 percent of the media mix in the previous month (52%). The out-of-home media group was restructured at the start of the year and now also includes the advertising volumes of digital advertising spaces.

The media mix also differs greatly within the categories. While the Dating category relies heavily on the TV media group, the Search media subgroup accounts for the largest share of the Search & Find, Clothing & Accessories and Finance categories.


Top 5 brands also very dominant in January

In the Health Care category, the top 5 brands claimed over 90 percent of the total advertising print. In the Dating, Consumer Electronics, General Merchandise and Food & Beverage categories, too, most of the advertising pressure can be attributed to the top 5 brands. Only in the Furniture & Furnishing, Search & Find and Clothing & Accessories categories do the smaller brands also have a relatively large share of the advertising print.


The Mediafocus E-Commerce Trend Report January 2016 can be found at here.

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