Havas Worldwide Zurich: Benefits of quitting smoking made clear

Havas Worldwide Zurich is continuing the tobacco prevention campaign "SmokeFree" and adding the community idea to it. The central element is the "SmokeFree Buddy App.

"I am stronger" goes into the second round: With the newly created claim under the proven label "SmokeFree", the Federal Office of Public Health, cantons and NGOs encourage people to remain true to giving up cigarettes altogether and to enjoy life as a non-smoker to the fullest. The campaign, designed by Havas Worldwide Zurich, focuses on strengthening motivation for the long-term success of quitting smoking and also involves the environment of smokers and ex-smokers.

On print subjects, on TV and in banners, the known from the first campaign year cloud of smoke and provides a view of protagonists advertising various support services.


A new addition is the community idea: In collaboration with 20 Minuten, teams of two are being sought as part of the "SmokeFree Challenge," in which a smoking person is motivated by a buddy to give up smoking by means of a spectacular bet. The central element here is the "SmokeFree Buddy App," which was successfully launched back in 2015. With the help of the app, the buddy finds encouraging messages and the right tips at moments when the desire of the person wanting to quit is particularly strong.


At Smokefree.ch the 20 Minute Challenge can be followed and ex-smokers can share their experiences of how they managed to quit smoking.

Responsible at BAG: Adrian Kammer (Head of Campaigns), Lukas Schmid (Co-Project Manager), Simone Buchmann (Co-Project Manager). Responsible at Havas Worldwide Zurich: Frank Bodin (Overall Responsibility), Peter Schaefer (Strategy), Michael Kathe (Creative Direction), Denise Frech, Laurie Morard (Art Direction), Gregor Juritz, Mathias Bart (Text), Merlin Zuni (Digital Art Direction), Bruno Manser (Digital Art Director), Wolfgang Kunz (Consulting Digital), Caroline Ronzani, Nuria Büchi (Consulting), Toni Gadza, Neomi Rubera, Igor Santacatterina (Realization, D+P), Constantine Wrage (TV Production) Cara-Anne Specker (Art Buying), Pumpkin Film (Film Production), Kasper Wedendahl (Director), Bacon X (Postproduction Film), Hastings (Sound Recording), Tina Aich (Photo Production), Serge Hoeltschi (Photographer), Fluxif and Red Department (Postproduction Photo), Hofmänner New Media (Banner Production).


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