Studio Schoch creates the new Crunchy Clouds

Studio Schoch has developed the new Crunchy Clouds brand in collaboration with Chocolat Frey.

The aim was to create a concept for a young and contemporary brand that would respond to the characteristics of the product. The name Crunchy Clouds is derived from the shape and texture of the products. The shapes of the products are adopted on the packaging. The striking product images make consumers' mouths water right at the shelf.


The hot foil stamping of the Chocolat Frey logo and the embossing of the Crunchy Clouds logo are intended to give the packaging additional value.

Responsible at Studio Schoch: Dominik Schoch (Creative Director), Anna Schobinger (Design), Tina Fuchs (Consulting). Responsible at Chocolat Frey: Andreas Steiner.

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