Youtube: Top 10 Video Ads 2015

Google publishes the top 10 video ads on Youtube in Switzerland in 2015. In addition, Google has evaluated the success factors for Youtube Trueview ads in a global study.

Why do users watch video ads at all if they can be skipped? This question was the focus of Google's current study, which identifies objective success criteria for trueview campaigns on YouTube. The study shows which creation criteria there are that are dependent on the view-through rate (VTR) and the brand lift, i.e. the increase in brand awareness and advertising recall. The following factors need to be considered.

The most important characteristic that leads to a higher view-through rate is humor. The study also shows that the use of celebrities has a positive effect on VTR. In addition, music can play a supporting role, provided it puts viewers in a good mood or perfectly underlines the arc of tension - but caution is advised here, because music per se is no guarantee of good results and can even have a negative impact on brand lift and VTR. Animations are also well received by users. This factor ensures that ads are not skipped. It is irrelevant whether the animations are cute, wacky or complex.

In trueview advertising videos, the first five seconds are crucial. They determine whether the user finishes watching the spot or skips the video. It is therefore extremely important for advertisers to arouse the viewer's interest in the first few seconds with interesting content. A study by Google has analyzed which factors are important for successful TrueView spots: Above all, the characteristics humor, celebrities and animations are relevant.

Of course, this study does not provide a secret recipe for the perfect ad. "But the success factors give advertisers clues on how to grab the user's attention and be remembered positively," says Oliver Rosenthal, Industry Leader Creative Agency at Google. "Well-crafted, intelligent video ads have the radiance to be seen by millions of users." (uma)

Google presents further study results on Think with Google.

The 10 spots in Switzerland in 2015 at a glance:

The top 10 includes a few very "Swiss spots" from Swiss brands or even Swiss celebrities like Roger Federer.

1. Zurich Insurance - "The Kinderviews

2. Swisspost - "Rolling parcels pursue pedestrians and surprise them."

3. YSL Parfums: "Black Opium Eau de Toilette - The New Feminine Fragrance".

4. sunrise - "Roger Federer and his new friend"

5. McDonalds Switzerland: "McDonald's Switzerland - If your body wants a Big Mac, give your body a Big Mac".

6. edeka: "#heimkommen"

7. Hyundai Worldwide: "Hyundai : A Message to Space".

8. pepsi max: "Drone Football | Pepsi Max | Genius. #LiveForNow"

9. coop: "BBQrew - Chill'n'Grill"

10. H&M: "H&M Close the Loop - Sustainable fashion through recycled clothes"

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