Spina's Civil Voices: Washing the Mammoth's Skin for Greenpeace

It would be the most spectacular rebranding of the year: Mammut is now Mamba - at least that's the word on social media right now.

Behind this, however, is the Zurich-based NGO agency Spinas Civil Voices, which has given the outdoor manufacturer a new face on behalf of Greenpeace. With the social media campaign, Greenpeace points out that Mammut uses toxic chemicals to impregnate its textiles - and that a poisonous snake would therefore be the more honest heraldic animal.


For the campaign, Spina's Civil Voices not only redesigned the Mammut logo and developed corresponding "highly toxic" product designs, but also produced an entire brand trailer in which the new brand congratulates itself on its own honesty. In a peaceful Greenpeace action the Mammut store in Zurich was redecorated in the new "Mamba design".

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Responsible at Greenpeace: Nicolas Fojtu (Visual Communication Manager), Julia Bangerter (Project Manager), Thomas Stahel. Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Lorenz Spinas (Creative Director), Stephan Huwiler (Art Director), Nadin Runne (Consulting).

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