Jvm/Limmat: Swiss Life launches test retirement

Jung von Matt/Limmat has developed a new content marketing campaign for Swiss Life. Four moving documentaries by renowned Swiss directors show the encounters of young people with very different senior citizens.

"Everything in life can be tried, but not retirement life. The new campaign 'Proberentnern' makes it possible to experience exactly that," says Elke Guhl, Chief Marketing Officer at Swiss Life. The content marketing campaign is designed to raise awareness in Switzerland of rising life expectancy and put people's own ideas about living a longer, self-determined life to the test. In addition to cross-media advertising measures and content for all stakeholders, Jung von Matt/Limmat also created the platform Proberentnern.ch.


We are living longer and longer and staying young longer. Consequently, the concept of age must also be redefined. "Swiss Life wants to give people in Switzerland orientation, inspiration and food for thought," says Guhl. "Proberentnern" follows on from the highly acclaimed "Wir leben immer länger" ("We are living longer and longer") campaign with which Swiss Life and Jung von Matt/Limmat launched the discussion on rising life expectancy a year ago.

With "Proberentnern", those responsible have created a content marketing campaign for all age groups. At the heart of the campaign are the documentaries: Four young people try out how varied and pleasurable life in old age is by living with retired people for a limited time. The result is four surprising, cheerful, but also thought-provoking films. For example, Benjamin's (22) ideas of everyday life as a pensioner are turned completely upside down by Charles Eugster (96), a highly ambitious sportsman and professional.





In addition to the documentaries, visitors to Proberentnern.ch will find interactive and entertaining content about living a longer, self-determined life. Not only are the four protagonists and renowned Swiss author-filmmakers portrayed and their experiences, but visitors can also playfully determine their own age type in a quiz. Anyone who wants to slip into the slippers of exciting senior citizens for a few hours can register for one of the five experience events in February and March.


Jung von Matt/Limmat designed and produced various application measures on TV and online (banners, YouTube pre-roll, social ads, sponsored content) as well as all content for the platform. In parallel, a storyflow for the internal communication and own channels as well as various media relations measures were developed. The four documentaries were launched exclusively as a premiere at the 51st Solothurn Film Festival. Leading Swiss filmmakers supported the project with their expertise. Swiss Life has been committed to Swiss film since 2008 as the main sponsor of the Solothurn Film Festival. The selection of the protagonists in the four documentaries was based on the four age categories of the GDI study "Digital Ageing - Towards an Ageless Society", which was commissioned by Swiss Life. This outlines the possible scenarios for an ageless society and shows that the participants in the study have the wrong idea about old age.


Responsible at Swiss Life: Elke Guhl (Chief Marketing Officer) ; Stefan Erhart (Head of Brand Experience); Patrick Comboeuf (Head of Digital Experience); Martin Läderach (Head of Communications Switzerland); Andi Giger (Events & Sponsoring Manager) ; Anina Senn (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt: Alexander Jaggy (Executive Creative Direction); Pablo Schencke, Marco Zimmerli, Samuel Christ (Creative Direction); David Hanselmann, Annina Walker (Art Direction) ; Mateo Sacchetti (Text) ; Tanja Jablanovic, Andrea Klainguti (Graphics & Screendesign); Simone Jehle, Sam Sherbini, Fiona Gottwald, Jan Rohleder, Sebastian Suter (consulting and project management); Joël Frey, Daniela Chiani, Cosima Lang, Annika Mentel, Liên Burkard (media relations, influencer marketing, event conception as well as content and storyflow); Ralf Brändli, Simon Caminada (technology); Sarida Bossoni, Evelyn Schneider (art buying). External partners: Plan B Film (production) Chris Niemeyer, Nicolas Steiner, Barbara Kulcsár, Christophe M. Saber (director); Jingle Jungle (recording studio); ZipMedia (media); Webrepublic (media).

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