"Just do it" with Gerber

Scholz & Friends Zurich has launched the new Gerber social media campaign on Facebook under the motto "Just do it".

The campaign contains tips on everything you can do with fondue - from recipes and table decorations to preparation. The latter was the focus of the first part of the CampaignSince July, the "Fit for Fondue" label has been offering simple but all the more useful exercises to train the most important skills before the classic fondue season.


A varied series of over 40 video and picture posts will now follow to expand on these skills. By helping you to simply have fondue fun. No matter what the occasion - after all, "There's always a reason" still applies.

Responsible at Gerber: Sabrina Kempf (Brand Manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Avsar Yildiz, Wim Lanz, Thomas Müller, Christian Vosshagen, Lukas Frei (creation), Petra Moser, Michèle Gutmann, Tobias Baumann and Fabian Röthlisberger (consulting and strategy). Responsible at Hillton Production: Patrice Gerber (director), Tobias Bonfanti (camera), Jan Wittrowski (lighting), Rachel Bredy (hair & make-up).

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