JvM/Impact and Swiss Life launch campaign with Facebook Instant Articles

As part of the Swiss Life "resolutions" campaign, Jung von Matt/impact and Swiss Life are using Facebook's newly launched In-stant Articles to launch a native campaign.

Since October 2015, Facebook has allowed selected publishers in Switzerland to publish complete articles including image and video content directly in the mobile Facebook app. The so-called Facebook Instant Articles offer a significantly improved user experience.

In collaboration with Jung von Matt/Impact, Swiss Life is using this new, optimised environment for mobile devices as part of its "resolutions" campaign. Likemag was the first Swiss publisher to be awarded the contract by Facebook to publish Instant Articles. In November, sponsored stories on the topic of "resolutions" were shared via the news platform as Instant Articles on Facebook.

"We deliberately integrate new and innovative forms of advertising into our online marketing mix at an early stage," says Patrick Comboeuf, Head of Digital Experience at Swiss Life Switzerland. "In doing so, we benefit not only from the attention that such a new format attracts. With Instant Articles, we also create a coherent experience for the user," adds Comboeuf.

In addition to high awareness and large reach, the advantages of the fully native advertising form were also proven in hard performance figures. Compared to classic Facebook seeding, Instant Articles achieved more than twice the click performance.


Responsible at Swiss Life: Patrick Comboeuf (Head of Digital Experience). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Impact: Benjamin Herz (Managing Partner). Responsible at Likemag: Markus Bucheli (Managing Partner).

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