"Paymit" is Swiss App of the Year

The "Best of Swiss Apps Awards" were presented in Zurich on Thursday. More than 300 people watched the best app and mobile projects in Switzerland being honoured in twelve specialist categories at the Aura in Zurich.


The award was given after 2013 and 2014 was awarded for the third time. Various Swiss companies, mainly mobile and web agencies, submitted a total of 203 entries in twelve categories this year. That's 100 more entries than last year - a new record. 48 projects made it onto the Shortlist.

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Master of Swiss Apps: "Paymit

The crowning glory of the evening was the election of the Masters of Swiss Apps: of the 13 projects selected by the jury as contenders for the title of Master Shortlist and on which the readers of Netzwoche were allowed to vote, the audience of the Award Night crowned the payment app "Paymit" as Master of Swiss Apps 2015 - and thus as the best Swiss app of the year!

"Master of Swiss Apps 2015": The payment app "Paymit" from UBS, ZKB and SIX (Photo: Thomas Stuckert/Advertising Week)

Photo: ZVG

Voting for the "Master of Swiss Apps

The makers of the Paymit app from UBS, ZKB and SIX on stage (Photos: Thomas Stuckert/Advertising Week)


"Paymit" makes it possible to send and receive money quickly and easily. With the "Paymit" project, several banks in Switzerland agreed on a system for the first time. Behind the financial application "Paymit" is a strong partnership between UBS, Six Group and ZKB. However, you don't have to be a customer of the aforementioned banks to use "Paymit". "Paymit" has the potential to permanently change the way payments will be handled in the future. In addition to the master's degree, the project also won bronze in the "Value/Functionality" category, four silver awards: "Usability/Interaction Design", "Design/User Experience", "Innovation, Technology" and two gold awards for "Swissness" and "Business".



All gold winners

In each of the twelve specialist categories, the jury of experts selected gold, silver and bronze winners. A total of eleven gold, 20 silver and 28 bronze awards were presented and the title "Master of Swiss Apps" was awarded once. No gold was awarded in the "Innovation" category in this edition. (hae/pd)

Migros App

The "Migros App" - the new "window" between Migros and its customers. From coupons, collecting Cumulus points, promotions and individual shopping lists to the mobile payment function: with this app, Migros customers manage everything related to their purchases from the wholesaler. The app makes the shopping experience easier for the customer and creates additional customer loyalty for the company. The project won gold in "User Value / Functionality", silver twice: "Usability / Interaction Design" and "Business", and bronze once in the "Swissness" category.



Viadi is an app for querying connections in public transport. The app uses a timetable query system specifically developed for the app and optimised for Switzerland. This system, combined with a functional design, makes querying connections fast and intuitive. The app takes train service disruptions into account and can be connected to the Apple Watch. The project sets new standards for timetable enquiries in Switzerland.
The project wins silver in the category User Value/Functionality and gold twice: "Usability/Interaction" and "Design/User Experience".


GV app

An information app for the Apple Watch. The GV app supports the user on his flight journey and through Geneva Airport. Whether it's finding a free parking space, saving their own parking space number, quickly accessing real-time information such as check-in, gates, flight delays, etc. - all the relevant information intuitively and at the right time on the wrist. The project wins gold in the category "Wereables".


Aare Guru

A practical app for residents of the Aare who like to swim in their home river. The app offers weather and water information, is attractively designed and very easy to use. What's original is that the information is in the local dialect; "Nume für herti " or "No chli liire vorem inegumpe". The project wins gold in the category "Young&Wild".


360° LOWA

In order to counteract the structural change in the specialist retail industry, mountain boot manufacturer Lowa has changed its strategy and placed the customer experience at the heart of its new business model with the "360° Lowa" app: With the app and the adapted business processes and services, every specialist retailer becomes a full-range provider. The demonstrable resulting increase in sales and the optimized process convinced the jury. The project wins gold in the "Enterprise" category.



"Big.City.Hunt." is a mixed reality game and part of a very successful, unique advertising campaign in Switzerland. 3,000 participants had to escape as long as possible from a real hunter's car, which was on the road in the city of Zurich for three hours. The game shines with innovative combinations of current mobile technologies and with good storytelling in real space. The project won gold in the categories "Games", "Campaign" and "Technology". It also won bronze in the "Innovation" category.


Overview Gold Winners 2015

Category Winning project Client Contractor
User Value/Functionality Migros App Migros Deepblue Networks
- Usability/Interaction Design
- Design/User Experience
Viadi Ubique Engineering Ubique Engineering
- Swissness
- business
Paymit UBS, SIX, ZKB
Namics, In2Media
Notch Interactive
Swede and Swede et al.
Wearables GVApp Geneva Airport ATIPIK SARL
Young & Wild aare.guru Reto Lehnherr Reto Lehnherr
Enterprise 360° LOWA LOWA Switzerland JLS Digital
- games
- campaigns
- technology
Big. City. Hunting. Jeff Communications Gbanga, Millform

The complete list of all winners can be found on the website Bestofswissapps.ch

About "Best of Swiss Apps

"Best of Swiss Apps" is an initiative of "Best of Swiss Web GmbH", Simsa (Swiss Internet Industry Association), the Swiss industry association for the digital economy, and Netzmedien, the specialist media publisher for ICT and business. Thus, behind this new award are the same institutions that launched "Best of Swiss Web" back in 2001 and in thirteen years have developed it into one of the best-known and most respected business competitions. Werbewoche is a media partner of "Best of Swiss Web" and "Best of Swiss Apps". (hae/pd)


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