Seed: Gold and silver in Chicago

Seed wins two awards at this year's Intercom in Chicago: Gold for the cinematic portrait of Swiss Life CEO Patrick Frost, Silver for the short feature film "Gipfelstürmer" for Swiss Saltworks.

A Gold Hugo, the highest possible award, is given by the jury for an innovative cinematic portrait of the new Swiss Life CEO Patrick Frost. The special feature: People from Patrick Frost's environment characterize him using metaphors they have chosen themselves. The metaphors are visualized with plasticine objects in stop motion. The film was directed by Simon Koller and the stop motion animations were created by Walking Frames. The film has already been awarded gold in Cannes ( reported).


The entertaining short feature film "Gipfelstürmer", with which the Swiss Salt Works convey everything worth knowing about salt, is awarded a Silver Plaque. The 20-minute film was produced in collaboration with Wirz Corporate, which is responsible for the new overall image of the Swiss Salt Works. The film was directed by Daniel Leuthold.


The Intercom has been held as part of the Chicago International Film Festival since 1964 and is one of the most important industry competitions.

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