Leo Burnett Switzerland: New appearance for Sanitas

The implementation of the digitization strategy is in full swing at Sanitas. Customers now benefit from even easier access to all services. Leo Burnett brings this to the point with a campaign.

Two films form the core of the campaign under the motto "You'll reach your goal faster with Sanitas. They show in a humorous way that life already requires enough patience. For example, a child can't blow out the candles on a birthday cake on the first try. Or business people fail when they try to get the beamer going in a meeting. Sanitas doesn't want to put the necessary patience to the test.

The films are accompanied by print ads that explain the entire range of services. Simply scan in your claim receipts via the Sanitas app, check the status of your deductible and franchise at the click of a button, or always have your insurance card with you in digital form on your cell phone.


Notch Interactive implements the central idea in online media. Through direct branding or in the form of relevant content that makes orientation in the daily growing jungle of health and insurance offers faster and better.

Responsible at Sanitas: Valentin Hüsser ( Head of Brand Management), Roland Eschmann (Head of Advertising & Marketing Technology), Irene Ackermann (Head of Content Factory), Gesa Walk (Online Marketing Manager). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Axel Eckstein (ECD), Mark Stahel, Christoff Strukamp, Simon Staub, Isabelle Bühler, Vinzenz Blaas (creation), Suzana Kovacevic (art buying), Michael Gassler, Fernando Gort (consulting); Notch Interactive (online), Mediaschneider (media), Cobblestone (film production), Axel Laubscher (direction), Stefan Minder (photography).


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