Goldbach Interactive: Two silver medals at the Annual Multimedia Award 2016

Goldbach Interactive is one of the winners of the Annual Multimedia Awards and receives silver for the Clear Channel online booking tool and silver for the Swisscom online annual report in the website/portal category.

Since the award's inception in 1996, the competition has demonstrated the continued vibrancy of digital brand communications. This year, last year's trend continues: Idea, content, concept, solution and usability are the touchstones against which the still strongest submission categories of website, portal, microsite are measured.

The Clear Channel Online Booking Tool is a self-explanatory web platform that enables small and medium-sized companies to put together a poster campaign themselves online and book it immediately. All availabilities of the advertising spaces are displayed in real time and the locations can be viewed via Google Street View. The customer can use a simulator to preview his poster online. GBI realized the entire booking platform - conception, screen design, technical implementation and video production in four languages.

For Swisscom, GBI provided conceptual development, technical implementation and design of the Online Annual Report 2014 was carried out. The requirement was an optimal structure and clear user guidance, responsive in three languages. The company brochure, the annual report, the sustainability report and the financial report were designed online in an appealing design and with optimal user guidance.

Credits - Clear Channel Project

Responsible at Clear Channel Switzerland: Oliver Schönfeld (Marketing Director). Responsible at GBI: Marc Leuenberger (Consultant); Daniel Unger (Creative Director); Sébastien Gerber (Art Director); Dominic Zach (Digital-Conception); Florian Mäder u. Bunni Khun (Frontenddeveloper); Jan Steffen (Backenddeveloper); Maurus Gross (Videoproduction); Brigitte Mayr u. Oliver Kuhn (SEA) .

Credits - Project Swisscom

Responsible at Swisscom: René Flückiger (Multimedia Project Manager). Responsible at GBI: Alain Ryser (Consultant); Daniel Unger (Creative Director); Raphaël Liechti (Senior Art Director); Sébastien Gerber (Screendesgin); Dominic Zach (Digital-Conception); Susanne Fankhauser u. Florian Mäder (Frontenddeveloper); Jonathan Droz u. Steffen Gudis (Backenddeveloper); Sonja Eberlin (Testing) .

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