Advico Y&R: In the lurch Lassitis does not exist at ÖKK

With the latest subjects for Advico's fall campaign, ÖKK underscores its expertise in caring for families.

In the typical ÖKK illustration style, the subjects emphasize classic ÖKK core values such as customer proximity, reliability, and fairness. For example, the motif shows an advisor who goes off the deep end and leaves a family in the lurch. Lassitis, a disease that does not exist at ÖKK.


The second subject shows a family hiking, in keeping with the autumn season. Because hiking with the family is the latest trend. But those who want to go high as a family have to dig deep into their pockets. As the number one health insurance for families, ÖKK is therefore sending twelve families on a hiking vacation for four days each. Those who have long wanted to experience an unforgettable hiking trip with the whole family now have the chance to do so until mid-September: at Family Good luck and have fun over hill, dale and river!


Responsible at ÖKK: Sonja Hofstetter, (Head of Marketing Communications), Marion Grünenfelder (Team Leader Campaigns, Marketing Communications), Sergio Michel (Marketing Communications Assistant), Cornelia Tomaschett (Marketing Communications Assistant). Responsible at Advico Y&R (Member of Y&R Group Switzerland): Markus Gut (CCO), Swen Morath (CD), Susanne Weeber (AD), Natasa Maricic (text), Sebastian Eppler (graphics), Arlena Adrian, Edi Walker (consulting), Daniel Ganahl (illustration).

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