Jim & Jim: Open Air Video Ticker for 20minuten.ch

Um die traditionelle Text-Bild basierte OpenAir-Berichterstattung auf 20minuten.ch dynamischer und interaktiver zu gestalten, hat die auf Youth Marketing spezialisierte Agentur Jim & Jim einen umfangreichen Bewegtbild-Ticker konzipiert und umgesetzt.

Two young, unknown vloggers ventured into the fray for 20minuten.ch and reported live from the festival events throughout the summer. Jim & Jim was responsible for the content development, the ongoing video production, the ticking and the moderation of the social media channels. The result was countless entertaining and sometimes curious videos. The coverage was a complete success and a continuation next year is already a done deal.


Moving images are a suitable means of making media reporting more dynamic and appealing to the young target group. Especially online and in social media, videos are proven to be viewed many times more frequently than conventional text contributions. To specifically expand its classic OpenAir coverage, leading Swiss news platform 20minuten.ch commissioned Jim & Jim to design and implement an innovative moving image diary for the summer of 2015. The primary goal was to give readers the opportunity to be up close and personal with the festival action in real time.


Vlogger from the target group for the target group

As part of an extensive casting process, two vloggers were sought to visit the festivals for 20minuten.ch readers. Olivia Maritz (18) and Laszlo Schneider (25) were found. While Olivia, with over 2,000 Instagram followers, was a true representative of Generation Z, Laszlo, with his first journalistic experiences in his backpack, formed the ideal counterpoint. The two were trained in journalism in advance and were expertly accompanied by Jim & Jim throughout the summer.


Ready video reports at the reader in 30 minutes

Jim & Jim was responsible for the conception, content planning and production of the features live on location as well as the live tickering. The big challenge was that the videos had to be online within 30 to 45 minutes so that the viewer could participate live in as many emotions as possible - which was never easy with boisterous spectators, unpredictable weather and eccentric artists. Shown throughout the summer were interviews, live challenges with visitors, various polls and entertaining pranks. According to the press release, the coverage was a great success and will be continued in the same style next year.

The highlights from the 20minuten.ch festival summer:

Responsible 20 minutes: Marco Gasser (project idea), Tamara Ambrosini (project lead). Responsible at Jim & Jim: Fabio Emch (overall lead), Tobias Bonfanti (production), Sven Probst (video production), Michèle Fellmann (project coordination) . Responsible 20 minutes: Marco Gasser (project idea), Tamara Ambrosini (project lead).

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