Scholz & Friends: The future of radio - on TV

Scholz & Friends recommends on behalf of MCDT: Switch to DAB+ now, otherwise you will miss the connection.

The spread of digital radio in Switzerland is unstoppable. Already, 45 out of every 100 minutes of radio are listened to digitally; a good half of this is attributable to the new DAB+ standard. Good reasons to switch your own radio and switch off the outdated FM standard in the near future. This near future is the subject of the new TV campaign of MCDT (Marketing and Consulting for Digital Broadcasting Technologies). It recommends switching to DAB+ in good time - because otherwise you will have to change your listening habits. This is exactly what the two spots, conceived by Scholz & Friends and humorously realized by director Rolf Hellat, show in typical radio situations at home and in the car. And the tag-on also tells you where to get your new DAB+ radio:

The campaign has been on air throughout Switzerland since September 14.

Responsible at MCDT: Béatrice Merlach (CEO), Ernst Werder (Managing Partner), Thomas Schnorf (Key Account Manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Martina Miani, Christian Vosshagen, Thomas Müller, Lukas Frei (creation) Tobias Baumann, Mathias Rösch, Martin Samsel (strategy and consulting). Responsible at Stories: Rolf Hellat (director), Yves Bollag, Nicole Spring (production).

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