Spinas for WWF: Of pregnant males and other wonders of the seas

Spina's new Civil Voices campaign for WWF shows the wonders of the oceans - for example, males giving birth.

The oceans are massively overfished and polluted. This is no secret, but a fact that has also reached the general public. That's why the WWF doesn't rely on negative headlines to promote the protection of the oceans, but on something that's in every environmentalist: fascination for nature.

For the latest WWF campaign, the agency Spinas Civil Voices dived into the depths of the oceans to track down what amazes people: pregnant males, immortal creatures, animals with three hearts - in short, the wonders of the seas. The result is a campaign with posters, advertisements, and online films that teaches people a thing or two and beautifies cities and advertising pages with extraordinary images.

Responsible at WWF: Gian-Reto Raselli (overall responsibility), Jan Schlink (Head of Online, Print & Campaigns), Jasmin Schmid (Project Manager Campaigns). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Lorenz Spinas (overall responsibility), Guido Huwiler (concept/text), Philipp Lengyel (concept/AD), Tom Malecha (video production), Mareike Biegert (consulting).

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