Brand power at full speed

The two communication agencies Sichtfeld and Relounge are entering into a strategic partnership in order to optimally use and complement synergies. The staged brand experience for customers is the focus of the collaboration.

Communication requires strategic foresight with conscientious planning, broad experience, professional material and a well-coordinated team. As explorers, we love adventure and the mountains. This guiding principle has many points of contact with our services and the approach we take in implementing projects. The crew consists of various multidisciplinary specialists who complement each other perfectly. The approach is similar to an alpine expedition - with the goal of leading the client's products or brand to the summit.

Marc Tabeling (Relounge) and David Oreiro (field of vision)

Sichtfeld is focused on staging brands and products impressively and effectively with images and specializes in branding, brand image worlds and film productions. From SMEs to innovative companies in Cupertino, CA, Sichtfeld's productions are highly regarded. "For us as a team, the goal is to create imaginative, striking imagery and brand experiences - whether for innovative startups or established major clients," David Oreiro, creative director, said in a statement.

Relounge develops and manages holistic and integrated communication solutions that appeal to all the senses. The agency combines information with emotions and implements them successfully. In addition to classic communication, live communication is a central service offering of Relounge. "There is an exciting story behind everything, and we tell it. Communication is not a one-dimensional affair. By involving all human senses in communication, we achieve creative communication that connects brands with people," says Marc Tabeling, dipl. communications manager IAA.

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