KSP for Biore: An annual report makes school

For the Biore Foundation, KSP worked with smallholder children to create an annual report in exercise book style.

By promoting the cultivation of organic cotton, the Biore Foundation supports smallholder families from India and Tanzania and provides them with a sustainable livelihood. The foundation is also active in the field of education and supports schools in the growing regions.

The education of the smallholder children was at the same time the concept of the current Biore annual report 2014, which presents itself as a classic exercise book. The students of the supported schools copied the contents by hand in German and English and signed off the photos.


The result is a lovingly designed annual report in exercise book form, which makes the reader smile at its appearance and takes him back to his school days.


However, the Biore annual report has a clear message: it is, so to speak, proof that the students in the supported schools learn to read and write perfectly. But it also symbolizes the learning effect and the better future opportunities for the children and young people, as well as the close cooperation between the farming families and Biore.


Responsible at the Biore Foundation: Jürg Peritz (Foundation President); Christa Suter (Managing Director); Martina Amsler (Marketing & Corporate Communication). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Uwe Schlupp (overall responsibility); Benny Goldstein (creative direction); Lea Baldinger, Florian Kech (graphics); Daniel Zehnder (text); Giacomo Wyss (image editing); Flavia Meyer (consulting management); Eveline Mathis (consulting).

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