Meta Design supports the strengthening of the NZZ brand

In close cooperation with the NZZ media group, the brand agency Meta Design developed and formulated the strategic brand positioning, revised the appearance and developed the brand language.

The profound change in the media industry requires a clear stance. The NZZ is therefore pursuing an umbrella brand strategy and a consistent journalistic orientation with strong digital integration - with corresponding impact for the brand. At its core, the brand positioning combines free thinking with decisive action - borne by the claim to provide orientation as a leading media house and to enable the formation of opinion in the spirit of the liberal original idea.


In a further step, Meta Design revised the appearance. In the process, the brand agency developed a visual basis and developed the umbrella brand strategy across the company and product levels. This included the gentle further development of the familiar, historically anchored logo.


At the same time, Meta Design developed the brand language for the NZZ umbrella brand. This includes a regulated approach to tonality and the central messages for brand communication. MetaDesign also created guidelines for naming products and subscriptions - and last but not least created names for brand-new digital offerings such as the recently launched app "NZZ Selekt".


The brand will appear successively over the individual offers and products in the coming weeks and months. With the adapted appearance, the NZZ is clearly taking the signs in the media market, responsibility towards society and ultimately its mission - and is equipped for the tasks and challenges of this time.

Steven Neubauer, Managing Director NZZ, Member of the Executive Board: "We set the bar high from the start and are now consistently implementing the umbrella brand. We are convinced that this will enable us to strengthen the NZZ brand and that we will benefit from it in the long term." Alexander Haldemann, CEO Meta Design: "To further develop a traditional brand like the NZZ means showing reverence without lacking the necessary courage. I think we have succeeded in this. We are proud of the result."

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