Mainland/Seed: Always where explainer videos are

Mainland and Seed have designed new video guidelines for the Raiffeisen Group and have already implemented a first project.

Explainer videos are in vogue for good reason. Audiovisual storytelling makes it possible to present complex topics in an exciting and memorable way. But as the medium becomes more widespread, viewers' expectations are also growing. For companies, the question also arises of how to combine an individual story with a consistent brand presence.

The Red Square as a red thread

To ensure high cinematic quality, efficient production and consistent branding, Festland and Seed were commissioned by Raiffeisen to develop brand-wide guidelines for explainer videos. The concept provides guidelines for narrative form, tonality, imagery and color, animation, voiceover, sound and other parameters.


In search of an independent video style, the developers of the guidelines found what they were looking for right on Raiffeisen's doorstep: The scenery is inspired by the Red Square, which surrounds the banking group's headquarters in St.Gallen and has become a nationally known trademark. The grain structure of the square gives the explainer videos a characteristic background, and the white markers are brought to life as figures and objects. 3D effects, embedded real images and a CI/CD-compliant color concept enrich the design.


Film premiere at the store checkout

The first film based on the new guidelines is the explanatory video "Kontaktlos bezahlen" (contactless payment), which shows with a wink how to pay particularly quickly, easily and securely with Raiffeisen cards. Festland and Seed worked together with Adrian Wisard on the concept and implementation. Further videos are in the works and will be available soon.


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