KSP for VW: Time to fall in love again

KSP promotes Volkswagen trade-in premiums with a tactical campaign for Amag Switzerland.

Most breakups occur every year after the summer vacations. This August and September also some with tears of joy. Because with Volkswagen's trade-in bonus, you have a good reason to part with your old car. And to fall in love anew.

In a nationwide tactical campaign, customer benefits are communicated differently for once. Instead of depicting vehicles and premiums, surprising subjects are shown for the car advertising category. The flirt offensive with billboards and print subjects is accompanied by radio spots and online measures.


Responsible at Amag Switzerland: Oliver Stegmann (Head of Brand VW PW, Director); Sandra Grau (Head of Marketing VW PW, Authorized Signatory); Nathalie Mösch (Head of Marketing Communication VW PW, Authorized Signatory); Jannine Müller (Advertising Specialist VW PW). Responsible at KSP: Sascha Borsai (creative direction); Kevin Zysset (art direction); Lea Baldinger (graphics); Bianca Jäger (polygrapher); Dominic Wirz, Fabrizio Bonifazi (text); Franziska Saxer (consulting management); Nina Stebler, Marc Gooch (consulting); Ansichtsache (image editing); Craft367 (prepress).

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