KSP: Image campaign for the Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte

Following in the footsteps of Caminada, Ogi and Co: KSP created an image campaign for the launch of the "new" Schweizer Illustrierte.


Schweizer Illustrierte is now published as a magazine for the weekend. Every Friday and with a new layout. The editorial offering will be expanded to include articles with a high utility value. In the future, more weekend and excursion tips for the whole family will be offered, as well as background stories on Swiss personalities and everyday heroes.

For the launch, an image campaign was developed together with KSP. With the claim "My Switzerland," the core message is communicated through various measures. Shootings took place throughout the country with Swiss personalities from various areas of society. At locations chosen by the protagonists themselves and which stand for "their Switzerland". Shots of Andreas Caminada, Dario Cologna, Francine Jordi, Adolf Ogi, Dominique Gisin and Pascale Bruderer feature personalities from the worlds of gastronomy, music, sports and politics.


Shots by photographer David Birri were used to create the subjects that serve as the platform for the image campaign. The shoots were recorded with short clips in the form of making-ofs and in-depth interviews. In them, the protagonists reveal what they personally associate with Switzerland and Schweizer Illustrierte. And they do so where they feel most at home.

Responsible at Ringier: Urs Heller (Managing Director Magazines Switzerland) Thomas Passen (Head of Ringier Publishing Media) Stefan Regez (Editor-in-Chief Schweizer Illustrierte) Nadine Augé (Head of Reader Market Magazines) Maya Bächtold (Product Manager Schweizer Illustrierte). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Benny Goldstein, Sascha Borsai (creative direction) Mohammed Klotz (art direction) Lea Baldinger, Florian Kech (graphics) Dominic Wirz, Fabrizio Bonifazi (text) Rémy Müller, Franziska Saxer, Nina Stebler (consulting) David Birri (photographer) Craft 367 (image editing). Combo Entertainment (direction).

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