Contexta: On tour with the cash cow

In order to get more casual players interested in the Swiss number lottery, Contexta is sending a golden donkey to ten Swiss cities on behalf of Swiss Lotto.

The attention of the Swiss number lottery depends heavily on the current size of the jackpot. To show Switzerland that lottery fever can also grip you when there is no big windfall in store, Swisslos sends the golden donkey on tour.


In ten Swiss cities, passers-by have the opportunity to literally grab their luck by the tail: anyone who pulls the 2.5-meter-tall donkey by the tail can win something. Be it an instant prize or, with a little more luck, one of the 25 main prizes: 100 grams of pure gold. At the launch in Bern at the beginning of August, more than 4'500 people tried their luck over three days. 


The promotion is accompanied by advertisements, POS posters and a Micrositewhich informs about the current location of the golden donkey. The golden donkey is touring Switzerland until September 1.

Responsible at Swisslos: Rolf Kunz (Head of Marketing & Distribution), Markus Fischer (Head of Product Management Lottos & Entertainment), Christian Frei (Product Management Lottos & Entertainment). Responsible agency: Contexta advertising agency BSW, Bern.

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