Statement: Yootea refreshment hotline on Radio 24

The current strategy of the organic Swiss soft drink Yootea can be summed up in one word: "refreshment". The agency Statement has designed the strategy as a brand experience.

In collaboration with Radio 24, thirsty and overheated Zurich residents have been able to call the "Radio 24 Refreshment Hotline" since the beginning of June 2015. Whether company, private person, whether at the lake or on the roof terrace. In addition, smaller guerrilla actions are taking place to refresh Mr. and Mrs. Zürcher throughout the summer. For Radio 24 and yootea a complete success. "We are very happy that the people of Zurich have taken up our joint action so joyfully. Yootea stands for refreshment and that's exactly what we wanted to show," says Two Spice's Head of Marketing & Communications, Andrea Pietsch. The promotion is limited to the city of Zurich and will last until mid-August 2015.


Responsible at Two Spice (Yootea): Daniel Kehl (Member of the Executive Board), Andrea Pietsch and Hanna Jackl (Communications & Marketing). Responsible at Radio 24: Barbara Novak (Marketing Manager), Flavia Flüeler (Project Manager). Responsible at Statement: Philipp Brunner, Renato Auer and Roger Gebert (idea and concept).

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