Republica continues for BFU motorcycle campaign

"Better eye contact than sheet metal contact": At the start of the motorcycle season, Republica is continuing the national FMS and BFU campaign to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Using existing and new measures, bikers are made responsible and careless motorists are targeted.

Spring marks the start of the motorcycling season. And with it the time for motorcycle accidents. Last year, the Swiss Motorcyclists' Federation (FMS) and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (bfu) launched a national prevention campaign to reduce collisions - designed and implemented by Republica. The Bern-based agency has now continued the campaign with proven and new measures.


The campaign continues to communicate survival strategies for motorcyclists under the overarching motto "Stayin' Alive". Due to their narrow silhouette, motorcyclists are often overlooked in traffic and "shot down" through no fault of their own. The only way to prevent accidents is to think for motorists and ride defensively. Without losing the fun of riding altogether.


The prevention messages are conveyed with a TV commercial, various posters, the "Biker Guide", which is already in its second edition, and the company's own Online- and social media appearances. New this year are entertaining viral videos that take aim at careless drivers. In addition, "Stayin' Alive" is represented with a stand at numerous biker events. The first wave of the campaign has been running since the beginning of spring, with another planned for the second half of 2015.

Responsible at FMS: Walter Wobmann (Central President), Claude Clément (Vice-President). Responsible at the BFU: Peter Matthys (Head of Campaigns/Marketing), Claudia Bucher (Head of Campaigns). Responsible at Republica: Mike Krüll (creative direction), Andreas Szentkuti, Yves Kamber (text), Lara Klopper (art direction), Tom Wyss, Linda Berger (consulting), Bala Trachsel (overall responsibility), Top Fuel (film production), Eliane Clerc (photography).

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