Brandpulse: Rebranding for CES

Brand agency Brandpulse has completely revamped the CES brand. The Geneva-based company is an international supplier of embedded computer systems for the military and civil aviation industry.

CES ("Creative Electronic Systems") commissioned Brandpulse with an international brand analysis, on the basis of which a differentiating positioning was developed in a next step. In joint brand workshops, the core values of the CES brand were identified. By focusing on industry-relevant advantages, Brandpulse brought the strengths of the CES brand to the point. In addition, the brand promise of CES was clearly sharpened compared to its competitors. The positioning thus developed by Brandpulse served as the basis for the development of the new image, which was consistently implemented in an interdisciplinary manner in all CES communication activities in the areas of digital, print and out-of-home.



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