Wirz Corporate: Impossible poster for APG|SGA

The innovate! team of APG|SGA always works with full commitment to realize all possible and impossible ideas of agencies and companies. This is what Daniel Strobel, the head of the innovate! team, personally stands for.

Namely, on the poster in the advertisement that Wirz Corporate created for the ADC Festschrift as well as for the further communication of the APG|SGA offer that was newly launched in 2014. It took only five days from idea to implementation. Thus, the poster with Daniel Strobel became living proof that the innovate! team really does everything to open up the unlimited creative and technical possibilities of outdoor advertising for APG|SGA's customers.


Responsible at APG|SGA: Stéphanie Bader, Ernst Fuhrer, Andrea Galatti, Hanspeter Gut, Bernhard Huber, Sabine Tschopp, Corinne Truttmann, Daniel Zurbriggen. Responsible at Richnerstutz: Christoph Birnstengel, Stefan Weber. Responsible at Wirz Corporate: Marcel Morach (AD), Andrea Laube, Thore Lingel (consulting); photographer: Stephan Knecht; responsible at Birdviewpicture: Ricardo Perret, Adrian Bretscher

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