Linkedin expands marketing portfolio

Linkedin has expanded its marketing product portfolio in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The core of the expanded Linkedin Marketing Solutions (LMS) is the Linkedin Lead Accelerator. Werbewoche spoke with Alexandra Kolleth about the background.

Linkedin Lead Accelerator helps sales teams generate qualified leads during long and complex buying processes, addressing the common problem of using contact forms to generate leads. "Especially in the B2B sector, marketers rely on this, says Alexandra Kolleth, Head of Marketing Solutions for German-speaking countries, "even though few website visitors are reached in the long term this way: 95 percent leave no contact information at all (Sirius Decisions Benchmark Study), and of the remaining five percent, only 20 percent open follow-up emails from companies (Marketing Profs, "Email Open and Click-Through Rates: Benchmarks from Vertical")."


Alexandra Kolleth explains how the Linkedin Lead Accelerator works and what goals you have in mind:

What exactly is the Lead Accelerator designed to achieve?
The Linkedin Lead Accelerator allows the identification of Linkedin members among otherwise anonymous website visitors. These members can then be targeted with relevant ads and content tailored to the user. We wanted to have a product that would allow us to work on the decision chain, especially in B2B or high-priced end-user products. With Lead Accelerator, we can also pick people up over longer periods of time during the buying process with different messaging. We try to keep finding new touchpoints in this decision chain and offer relevant information such as webinars or white papers.

What are the points of contact?
For the communication that we play out, we use our overall portfolio. For example, we can send users emails, place content marketing in the users' stream via so-called Sponsored Updates, place banner ads on the Linkedin site, or we use external advertising sites through which we also control the advertising to the respective identified Linkedin users.

How do you identify the customers advertisers want to target?
In order to determine which of our members advertisers want to target, with as little wastage as possible, we can target what we know of the user's profile: what seniority a user has, how big the company is where they work, what function they hold in the company, but also which groups someone belongs to and which company the user follows. This is followed by product discovery and content development.

Why was this technology developed?
After acquiring the B2B marketing platform Bizo in August 2014, we integrated and extended the technology into LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. AutoFill for filling out forms and an analysis tool are part of the solution.

How did the testing phase for the Lead Accelerator go?
We have just finished the testing phase in the DACH region and will actively go on sale on Friday, April 24. One of the customers who have tested the product worldwide is Lenovo. The company was able to reduce the cost per lead by 60 percent.

In German-speaking countries, companies such as BASF, IMD Business School, Lenovo and ABB use marketing solutions from Linkedin.

Interview: Ursina Maurer

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