Matter Gretener Lesch: Help needs solidarity

Rega's new patronage campaign focuses on how emergencies can occur and how rapid medical assistance from the air can prevent the worst. It was conceived and implemented by Matter Gretener Lesch in collaboration with Goldbach Interactive.

The surprising creative twist: instead of showing the rescued person and letting them tell what happened, as is usual in testimonial campaigns, in the new Rega campaign you only hear their voice while the camera stages the scene from different angles. The fact that the recollections of the people in distress do not follow a script, but are absolutely authentic, provides additional emotionality. Heart of the integrated campaign: the landing page with - for the time being - four films, which can be accessed via banners and QR codes on advertisements, RailPosters and posters. The textual binder on the films makes it clear that it is the patrons who make Rega's care possible: "Help needs solidarity. Yours."


Responsible at Rega: Sascha Hardegger (Head of Communications and Patrons), Simone Wohnlich (Head of Marketing), Maria Betschart (Marketing), Susanne Meurer (Marketing & Cooperations). Responsible at Matter Gretener Lesch: Peter Lesch (Strategy), Daniel Matter (Creative Direction), Dominik Imseng (Text), Laura Haas, Severin Candrian (Graphics), Marcus Gretener, Verena Knof (Consulting). Photography: Christof R. Schmidt. Image editing: Patrick Salonen. Film Production: Shining Pictures; Olivier Egli (director), Daryl Hefti (cinematographer). Online conversion: Responsible at Goldbach Interactive: Michael Kälin, René Schoedon, Sandro Kohler, Bunni Khun, Stefan Bakocs (creation/implementation), Larissa Mörgeli, Thomas Schrämli (consulting).

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