Trueview analysis: humor yes, testimonials no

Five years ago, Google launched Trueview, the skippable ad format that is placed in front of YouTube videos. A Google analysis shows which elements and which style lead to a high view-through rate (VTR) and which do not.

With Trueview video ads, users can decide for themselves which ads they want to see and when. The advertiser only incurs costs if a user actually watches the ad. Today, 85 percent of all video ads on YouTube are Trueview ads. For the trueview concept to work, however, companies need to know the success factors that make users keep watching.

Humor always works

That's why Google analyzed more than 6,300 video ads from 16 countries in its new "First 5 Seconds" study based on 170 different content and design characteristics - including, for example, the presence of animals, celebrities or even cartoon animations. The study shows which factors lead to increased VTR. According to the study, humor is globally the strongest motivation for users to watch the video ad. In principle, cute content also works better than average. Caution is advised with music, especially as it can quickly become a noise factor: More than 80 percent of all online video ads use it as a stylistic device, but fast music in particular tends to lead to increased abandonment rates in most cases. Especially in Germany, work and office scenes are successful as long as they are staged in a funny way and are positively associated. Testimonials, on the other hand, have a negative influence on VTR in Germany.

Philipp Justus, Vice President Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe at Google, draws a positive balance after five years: "With Trueview, we give users the choice of whether they want to watch the spot to the end or not. This is not only in the interest of the user, but also good for advertisers. With Trueview, you can target precisely those users who are really interested in an advertising message."

The fact that the Trueview concept is accepted by the user has already been proven by a study conducted by IPSOS. According to Youtube Global Audience Study 84 percent of YouTube users are aware of Trueview's skip function, and two-thirds (67 percent) explicitly appreciate this option. Almost every second viewer (46 percent) interacts with the video ads, i.e. clicks on them, looks at further information, goes to the associated website or makes a purchase.

Matthias Lange, Head of Online Marketing and Partner Management at Deutsche Bahn, offers his congratulations with praise: "We have already run several Trueview campaigns and are convinced of the benefits for us as advertisers. Specific targeting, reduced wastage and, in particular, the mechanism of not imposing our advertising on users have convinced us of the format." Robert Ader, Head of Marketing Communications at Porsche, adds: "Social media is an important channel for Porsche, especially when it comes to addressing younger target groups. We have been active on YouTube since 2008 as one of the first car manufacturers with our own channel. The TrueView format offers us excellent opportunities to supplement the organic reach of our video content with specific target groups and to generate even more awareness for our content. That's why it's now part of the fixed repertoire of our online media planning."


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