Mediapulse: Radio research developed further

Mediapulse has further developed the measurement system for Swiss radio usage and provides more precise measurement data. Thanks to additional tools, the system detects all synchronous broadcasts and cleans them up immediately.

Together with supplier GfK and a committee of client representatives, Mediapulse has been intensively developing the Mediapulse Radiopanel in recent months. The pleasing result: From 2015, users will have access to even more precise data on radio usage.

Thanks to further development, the measurement system resolves synchronous broadcasts for all stations directly during data processing, according to a statement. As soon as two or more radio stations broadcast the same sound, a permanent comparison of all radio stations with each other immediately detects this. In these sequences, an additional plausibility check is then carried out to ensure correct station assignment. This solution has been directly effective in the system since January 1, 2015 and ensures the flawless handling of longer synchronous sequences for all stations.

As part of the further development, the technical implementation of the so-called transmitter families was also improved. These measures supplement the existing system with an effective tool for accurate measurement and thus ensure the quality of the data.

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