Infel launches its own academy

On March 30, Infel Corporate Media launched its own Academy. The training program is aimed at people interested in corporate publishing and content marketing. Classes are held in Zurich, Munich or at the customer's premises.

Since the digitalization of media, marketing and corporate communications have been in a state of upheaval. New media, channels and technologies are springing up like mushrooms, making it no easy task for communications professionals to send their relevant messages and stories to target groups in the best way. For this reason, on March 30 Infel Corporate Media launched its own Academy. Because: "Who could communicate these topics better than the communications experts at the soon-to-be 90-year-old corporate publishing and content marketing agency?" is the agency's reasoning.

As a first step, the company is offering a basic course and an advanced course on various topics in corporate publishing and content marketing. The basic courses will start at the end of May, followed by the advanced courses in June.


Werbewoche spoke to Infel CEO Alfredo Trasatti (pictured: second from right) about the Academy. He provides information about the aim of the courses and describes the direction of vision:

Mr. Trasatti, publishing and content marketing are already taught at various institutions. What advantage can the Infel Academy offer here?
Our experts can create a strong practical reference, as they themselves deal with the respective topic on a daily basis. We want to convey the latest findings in a practical way in the Academy's courses. I don't mean to be judgmental, but we create a practical relevance by being able to bring in examples directly from our own work. The diversity of communication channels makes corporate communications more complex. We want to offer interested parties an overview of the currently relevant topics in corporate publishing and content marketing in a short time. The format we offer does not yet exist.

What do you mean?
Our speakers come from the field; they are not primarily lecturers. This means that interested parties from corporate communications can receive targeted training where changes are taking place. After all, today corporate communications is increasingly taking over corporate publishing itself, so that classic advertising is coming under pressure. At the same time, however, the impact of corporate media is still underestimated. But we also notice an uncertainty among companies about how to set and approach content and topics correctly. We want to provide a basis for this. For example, the Academy currently offers a one-day basic course on four topics: Digital and design, their embedding in corporate publishing, their impact, and finally, we also touch on the sales topic. The advanced course focuses on content production, content strategy and organization.

So isn't the Academy ultimately a platform for Infel Corporate Media to showcase and offer its own services in a targeted manner?
Not at all. Our aim is to offer two practice-oriented short courses - a one-day basic course and a two-day advanced course - to provide communications professionals on the agency and client side with real assistance in their daily work. The declared goal of the Infel Academy is therefore to counteract the current uncertainty in this area. For example, an online customer magazine can help the company, but it must address relevant topics, the quality of the content must be very good, and the cycle and the entire processes must be looked at differently. Which content is played on which channel must be carefully considered. Too many companies lack a content strategy. The Academy should serve to raise questions in this context, such as which topics are relevant across companies and media and how these can then be played efficiently on the right channels as a common thread.

Interview: uma

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