Wirz Corporate: Anniversary appearance "500 years of Reformation

The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. To mark this occasion, the Reformed Churches of Switzerland are planning numerous events, publications and communication activities.

The jubilee appearance developed by Wirz Corporate forms the common visual identity for the national, cantonal and local activities. "Our requirement for the agency was to develop a jubilee brand that the 26 independent cantonal national churches would like to use, and which therefore had to be customisable and yet have a uniform effect," says Thomas Flügge, Head of Communications at the Federation of Churches. Wirz Corporate has implemented these requirements with an appearance that is characterised by a striking and typical logo, which is played with and implemented in different forms, colours and contents. The customisability is also an expression of the versatility and vitality of the Reformation.


In addition to the brand design, Wirz Corporate developed various communication tools. These include, among others, the information platform Ref-500.chanimated films to mark the anniversary, 3D objects and giveaways. A special photo app for mobile phones will also be launched soon: users will be able to take R-shaped pictures and upload them to an online gallery. If a certain number of pictures is reached, the Federation of Churches will support special charitable projects.


Responsible at the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches: Thomas Flügge (Communications Officer). Responsible at Wirz Corporate: Michel Reichmuth (Head of Brand Identity), Thomas Wolfram, Marcel Morach, Loraine Olalia (Design), Andrea Laube (Project Management).


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